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California Private Money Loan, Rockland Commercial, Inc., has many trust deeds available for funding. This site contains private trust deeds available for funding that where originated through Rockland Commercial and internal associates. We service these trust deeds for you through a strategic partnership with one of California's premier servicing providers who currently services over $1billion in private trust deeds. Please make sure you keep your "Investor Profile" current by clicking in the left navigation the button "Edit Profile".

To obtain access to our online "TRUST DEED FUNDING LISTING SERVICE" of deeds of trust available for funding, please fill out the following INVESTOR REGISTRATION by clicking the MEMBER SIGNUP tab or:


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Investment Features:
  • 10-13% return annually, paid monthly
  • Lending against a max of 70% of the current value
  • Interest Gurantees
  • Short Terms 1-5 years
  • Assignment of Rents and Possession after NOD
  • Baloon Payment at the end of the Term
  • We handle the servicing and provide monthly checks, statements, and collection management
  • Non-judicial foreclosure
  • Investment Secured by Real Estate

Benefits of Trust Deed Investing
Investing in Trust Deeds comes with myriad benefits. First, investors enjoy monthly interest payments on their invested capital. Yields are higher than CDs and other money market instruments. Real estate collateral is often viewed as more tangible than stocks and equity investments. Mortgage Brokers who specialize in this type of investment arrange the transaction, collect and distribute monthly payments, and handle most problems that may arise, through the payoff of the loan.

How Does a Trust Deed Investment Compare to Other Investments?
The most secure investment is a government-insured CD which currently yields approximately 2% to 3%. Government-backed Ginny Mae mortgage pools yield approximately 6% to 6.5%. Next, are corporate bonds which are, essentially, unsecured loan obligations to large corporations. Current yields for corporate bonds range from 4% to 7%. Junk bonds are lesser-quality corporate bonds that currently yield from 8% to 9%.

Trust deed mortgage investments currently yield from 8% to 13% annually, with monthly interest payments. Plus, the investment is backed by real property.

All loans are closed and funded in-house, giving the investor the opportunity to conduct due diligence in an orderly fashion, including:
  • Current Appraisals
  • Loan Purchase Disclosure Statements (LPDS)
  • Current Credit Reports
  • Title Report & Title Policy
  • Signed Loan Documents (see the final loan documents before you commit to fund).
  • Lender Docs (disclosing all pertinent information according to state guidelines).
  • Recorded Trust Deed (no risk of non-recordation or recording errors).
  • Escrow closing Statement (see what the borrower receives before you fund).

  • We provide our partner investors with everything they need to make a quick, educated decision. After closing, all pertinent documents are labeled, bound and delivered so record keeping is simple. We provide the loan servicing consisting of monthly statements, discreet check delivery and 24 hour online access to your account.

    If you would like more information on what a trust deed investment is, read the article below prepared by the CA Department of Real Estate.

    Trust Deed Investments - What You Should Know - http://www.dre.ca.gov/pdf_docs/re35.pdf

    California Private Money Loan, Rockland Commercial, Inc., has many trust deeds available for funding. If you are interested in funding a listed trust deed please notify us via: email at jeff@californiaprivatemoneyloan.com, by fax (310) 622 - 4186 or by phone call (310) 872 - 7630 and Rockland Commercial will negotiate the funding or purchase of the available Trust Deed for you.

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