know your credit score before you apply

In one of the previous entries, I explained what the Credit Information Bureau is and how much it influences our financial decisions. At the same time, I promised to create a guide for those who want to build a positive history at BIK and thus increase their chances of obtaining good loan terms. I got to work and here it is – I have a few simple ways for you, thanks to which the offer of banks will open up to you. I invite you!

Why is it profitable to build a positive history at BIK?

Creating your positive history in BIK is certainly time-consuming and requires some effort from us. Is it worth it? In the long run – yes! Why? Because it makes us credible in the eyes of the bank, which is invaluable when incurring further financial obligations. A positive history at BIK not only allows you to take a loan, but also increases our chances of getting it on good terms, and that’s the point, right?

In turn, a bad credit history, or worse, the lack of it, can mean the following problems:

  • The bank will increase our loan margin
  • We will have to pay a higher commission
  • We will receive a loan for a shorter period or a lower amount than we wanted

The difference in the mortgage interest rate for a person with a high BIK score, and one with a low score, can be as much as 0.3%. You will say: it’s not much. However, after conversion, the difference may even amount to tens of thousands of zlotys, of course depending on the amount of the loan, currency, and number of years for which it is granted. Does it make an impression? You can see for yourself that it is much better to have a positive history, preferably before taking out a loan, usually a mortgage loan.

For a bank, a customer with even a short credit history is much more valuable than none. A person who is not entered in the BIK register is simply unreliable and the bank does not know what to expect from him. The principle is the same as for credit cards in the United States. Try to rent a car in the USA without plastic – they will look at you as at Martians.

Start with a credit card and overdraft on the ROR

Many people shy away from credit cards, considering it an unnecessary burden and a path to financial trouble. However, it does not have to be this way – it is enough to wisely dispose of the limit. You can even earn money on a credit card, as I wrote about in this article, you can also use it to build a positive history in BIK


It is worth learning to use the card regularly, with everyday purchases. Thanks to interest-free periods and rebate programs, we can get a lot of discounts on purchases, fuel, or visits to restaurants. However, you must remember to pay off the card within the time limit specified by the bank (usually about 50-60 days). Regular debt repayment is enough to build a positive story.

Even if you don’t need it, apply to debit your account. Banks usually grant several thousand zlotys. Even the lowest overdraft will be visible in BIK as your credit obligation. Ideally, you should generate debt and pay it off, although this can be a bit costly – the bank charges interest. However, you may not debit at all and thus build a reputation for an honest and reliable borrower.

However, remember to use your credit cards and debits wisely. For example, the account limit should be used only once every few months. Otherwise, the bank will think that you are not coping with your finances.

I have a credit card myself, which I set up only for building a credit history at BIK, but currently, the card is my main means of payment. However, I always pay off the entire debt on the card on time, so I do not pay any interest or a zloty for having the card itself.

Take small loans and buy-in installments

Loans for any purpose that you can take out at the bank are also great for building a positive history at BIK. You can spend the money on buying a new car, furniture or on holiday trips. Then it is enough to pay the installments regularly. And now! In this way, you are reliable partners for the bank worth trusting.

Also, it is good to buy in installments from time to time – household appliances, game console, TV, or whatever you want. Most stores spread the cost into a minimum of 12 low-interest installments. You can also find private money loan options in California. It is worth paying them off regularly and, for example, settling the entire debt in the middle of the settlement period. For the bank, it is a signal that you are timely and reliable, and that you want to pay off your liabilities faster.

To be clear: I am against getting into debt, let alone getting into debt to buy consumer goods. In this post, I write about loans in terms of building creditworthiness and building a positive history at BIK. I warn you against any unnecessary credits!

If you take such a loan only for building BIK scoring, make sure in advance that you have adequate funds to buy a given item for cash.

To save even more, it is worth looking for a place where you can buy a given item on a 0% loan. It is only worth making sure that the loan has an interest rate of 0% (or rather it does not bear interest at all) and that there are no hidden fees or the insistent repayment insurance of the seller.

So, taking a loan to build credit history at BIK, you need to:

  • Make sure you want to buy the item, you can afford it, and you can mine for cash
  • Find the item in a real 0% loan or possibly in a low-interest loan
  • Buy the item on a loan and transfer the money that you have to pay back to the savings account throughout the loan.
  • 0% of loans can often be found in larger stores with a range of electronics/household appliances or furniture stores. 
  • Several times, even though I had money to buy a given item, I bought it on a 0% credit. And the money I had to buy a given item was deposited into a separate savings account.
  • Money works, I have what I want and I build credit history at BIK.

The ideal solution would be if you had a little bit of everything, i.e. debit, credit card, and some equipment in installments. I know, I know a lot of it, but – as I wrote – it will pay off in the long run.

Pay your installments on time

If you have any loan – mortgage or cash, remember to always pay the installments on time. There is nothing worse in your BIK history than delays in paying financial obligations. Punctuality has a great impact on the scoring (i.e. the point assessment performed by BIK) and this, as you already know, has a real impact on the bank granting further loans.

If you know that you will have problems with timely repayment of installments, try to reach an agreement with your bank. Contrary to appearances, it is possible. It’s important not to mess around and always tell the truth. Using payday loans or para bank services is the worst solution at this point. It is worth notifying the bank about temporary problems and, for example, asking for a different distribution of installments or postponement of repayment for several months. Believe me, banks very often go hand in hand with their clients, because they care about one thing – to pay off their liabilities.

You have learned 3 ways to build a positive history in BIK. I bet most of them were well known to you, but you might not have realized that, for example, a TV set in installments may translate into better mortgage terms in the future. A small thing, but it makes you happy, right?

It should also be remembered that building a positive history and creditworthiness at BIK is a long-term process – it cannot be done “shortcuts” and in a month or two. So it is worth thinking about it much earlier, regardless of whether you plan to take a larger loan (e.g. housing) or not shortly.