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If life has brought you its share of unforeseen events or you are simply spending a lot of money, don’t worry, there are solutions to restore your credit and thus regain your morale. Here are the steps to tackle the problem at the source to get rid of it as quickly as possible and get off to a good start.

In Quebec, as everywhere in Canada, credit assessment agencies gather information on how citizens use the means of credit. Financial institutions such as banks but also lending organizations notify these agencies of your amounts of credit taken out, balances to be paid but also and above all of the regularity of your payments. It is then all of this information that is represented by a rating that constitutes the assessment of your credit report.


Know and recognize reality

While you are of course aware of the reality of your credit report situation, now you need to really be aware of it and deal with it. The first step in re-establishing your credit is then to request your file from the two rating agencies, which will send them to you quickly and without too much cost.

Know some tips

In order to help you get back to a good credit score, you need to start by knowing what to do and what not to do with lenders. First of all, it is essential to use the credits in a reasonable way and to avoid delays in repayment. For this, we will talk about the tools to help you later but we recommend using less than 35% of the available credit because after this figure, you are considered a person at risk. Also, if the need arises, it is preferable to have several credit instruments rather than one always requested. You should also always keep your credit instruments open so you can always prove a good history.

Acquire the tools to improve

Because financial difficulties are issues that can follow if a person has never learned how to manage their money, it is important to learn how to do so through simple tools and techniques that keep us all from falling into the dark. lower. For this, you can start by establishing a monthly budget report which must take into account: your monthly income, your monthly savings and your monthly expenses then subtract everything from your total monthly income in order to have a precise amount of what you want. stay for the month.

Apply for a personal loan

Some situations prevent us from doing it on our own. Because financial institutions force us to act quickly so as not to worsen our financial situation, requesting a personal loan from a private company that does not worry about bad credit can be a step to take into account in order to quickly restore your credit

Not being able to start over

Once the bad period has passed and the credits are up to date, it is important not to allow yourself the possibility of putting yourself in an uncomfortable financial situation again. While you are now doing your books, you can also limit your credit capacity with each of your creditors and adopt a strategy of using your credit card or other sources of credit only in extreme emergencies.